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The Poetry and Prose of Edgar Allen Poe - 2196 Words

Art is in everything. Artists can be experts with a paintbrush, phenomenal with piano or a master of their pen. Authors and poets have a chance to manipulate words like no other artist can. Poets in particular can use their words to encompass different kinds of art by painting a picture with lyrical rhythm and imagery. Poets may be common, but for their poetry to be timeless it must be universally relatable. Edgar Allen Poe is regarded as one of the most famous poets in American history due to his well renowned debauchery, gothic tales of terror, and poems which are taught in schools and still analyzed today. Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston Massachusetts in the early nineteenth century. It is well known that Poe endured a difficult†¦show more content†¦Each category had a surplus of corresponding poems. Mark Canada of University of North Carolina at Pembroke cites critic Rodger Asselineau with the quote: If Roderick Usher, Egaeus, Metzengerstein, and even Dupin are all alike, if Ligeia, Morella, and Eleonora look like sisters, it is because, whether he consciously wanted to or not, he always takes the story of his own life as a starting point, a rather empty story on the whole since he had mostly lived in his dreams, imprisoned by his neuroses and obsessed by the image of his dead mother. (Canada) This expertly defines why all of Poe’s themes were reoccurring. Another inspiration for Poe’s themes was his fascination with psychology. Phrenology is known as the study of the idea that certain functions are controlled by differing parts of the brain. In order to explore this idea, Poe used themes such as self-destruction and madness in his poetry (Canada). Based on this premise, Mark Canada explains that he believes Poe to have had a â€Å"potent right cerebral hemisphere† which is believed to be the center of vivid imagery, music, emotions and â€Å"self-destructive urges;† Poe was consistently documented to have each of these traits. Poe is also well known for his lucid imagery, lyric meter and tales of horror, depicted with rhyme and rank symbolism. Certain poems contain repeating themes that best showcase the effect of theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Edgar Allen Poe763 Words   |  4 PagesEdgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poe, an America writer, was known as a poet and critic but was most famous as the master of short stories, particularly tales of the mysterious and the macrabe. The literary merits of Poe’s writings have been debated since his death, but his works have continued to be popular and many American and European writers have declared their artistic debt to him. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Poe was orphaned in his early childhood and was raised by John Allen, a successfulRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Dark Poems That He Is Famous For?1423 Words   |  6 PagesEdgar Allan Poe Why did Poe write the dark poems that he is famous for? Almost every student has read either one or many of Edgar Allan Poe’s work. Poe is one of the best and most famous writers in American Literature. Professor Gene Doty of Missouri University of Science and Technology explains, â€Å"The meaning which the text has for the reader emerges from the interaction of the reader’s world with the world of the text† (Doty). Anything written is a context that includes the â€Å"writer’s feelings,Read MoreEdgar Allan Poe Literary Analysis1489 Words   |  6 PagesEllington 1 Isaac Ellington Docter English III 3 November 2017 The Dark Literature of Edgar Allen Poe Poe often used depressed tones and imagery to create a dark kind of feeling to his work. The death of Edgar Allen Poe’s young wife put a bitter resentment in the writer. He felt like he was cursed and that the heavens stole his joy and claimed that the angel envied their happiness. Poe was accused of rumors and scandals his whole life, afflicted with depression, pinned down by phobias and horrificRead MoreDifference Between Poetry And Prose900 Words   |  4 Pages The difference between poetry and prose is often chalked up to the presence or lack of rhyme and rhythm in writing. Though this might work with some classical poetry, some classical poets experimented with and broke the rules of rhythm and rhyme in favor of artistic meaning. Though many modern poets choose to use rhyme and rhythm in obvious ways, there are many who choose to throw the rules out the window. It is now necessary for students of poetry to not only understand how to differentiateRead MoreEssay on E dgar Allan Poes The Masque Of The Red Death816 Words   |  4 PagesEdgar Allan Poe was a writer who believed every single word contained meaning and in his own words expressed this idea in brevity only he is capable, Â…there should be no word written, of which tendency, direct or indirect, is not to the one pre-established design. (Poe 244). To this effect, Poe drenches his works in symbolism and allegory. Especially in shorter works, Poe assigns meaning to the smallest object, explicitly deriving exurbanite significance within concise descriptions. The MasqueRead MoreThe Captivating Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe1279 Words   |  6 Pages Edgar Allan Poe, an often misinterpreted literary mastermind known predominantly by his extraordinary tales of horror, the supernatural, forbidden love, madness, and mystery, is more than meets the eye. Though his genres of expertise may indicate otherwise, Poe was a very social person, having been raised as a gentleman, and he had more hands on military experience than any other major American author in history. As a writer, Poe gained a great deal of his inspiration from his surroundings. HisRead MoreSix and Seven in Masque of the Red Death820 Words   |  4 PagesEdgar Allan Poe was a writer who believed every single word contained meaning and in his own words expressed this idea in brevity only he is capable, Â…there should be no word written, of which tendency, direct or indirect, is not to the one pre-established design. (Poe 244). To this effect, Poe drenches his works in symbolism and allegory. Especially in shorter works, Poe assigns meaning to the smallest object, expl icitly deriving exurbanite significance within concise descriptions. The MasqueRead MoreThe Bride Of The Sea915 Words   |  4 PagesLovecraft rhymed â€Å"me† with â€Å"me,† which is an identical rhyme. He was also consistent with the use of identical rhymes in A Garden as well to emphasize his main points. A Garden is written in a paragraph as prose instead of in the typical stanza form. Although A Garden is written as a prose, it contains pairs of rhymed lines. The entire poem is rhymed in couplets’, which are two lines that rhyme with one another. Lovecraft molded multiple internal rhymes by repeating the same words like ancientRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s Father Of American Gothicism1178 Words   |  5 PagesAlba Abreu Prof. Mrs. Beth Ritter-Guth EN-250 June 24, 2017 Poe s father of American Gothicism Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809. His parents were actors. After he was born, his father abandoned him and his mother died before he was three. This left Edgar Allan Poe a foster child. Poe s father was an alcoholic and an insovent actor. Thus, Poe had a miserable life, starting with his childhood, he lost his parents since he was a little child, and I would sayRead MoreEssay about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow940 Words   |  4 PagesUniversity. At this time, his pen began to constantly scratch prose and poetry. After almost twenty years as a professor, Longfellow retired and devoted himself to his craft of poetry. After tasting random stanzas and meters of Longfellow’s work, it is easy to identify his tone: uplifting, positive and somewhat glowing. Along with his shorter pieces that evoke positive feelings, Longfellow also tells stories with his longer poetry. He used lyrical verses to describe, weave and introduce new characters

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The Internet Is An Amazing Thing - 1793 Words

Introduction The Internet is an amazing thing. Decentralized and global, it is used on a massive scale daily and has transformed the world. Arising from a group of computer networks that rose up from around 1960-1990, it has gone from accounting for a small fraction of global communications to well over 90% of them in a matter of decades. It has had an unspeakable impact on humanity, Changing dramatically business and culture, among other things. The Internet as we know it today is the product of several computer networks that were created from around 1960-1990. Most notably, the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), which was created by ARPA (Now DARPA), the research agency of the United States Department of Defense. The ARPANET was the first computer network to use the TCP/IP protocol, the backbone of the modern Internet. The effect that the Internet has had on business has been immense. More and more, people are starting to do things online that they traditionally did at a phys ical building. Banking, shopping, trading, and watching movies. Many are even predicting that soon traditional brick and mortar stores will be a thing of the past. The cultural impact has also been huge. Via the Internet, news and information can spread all over the world in a matter of hours. This has changed the way that people get news and information, as well as lead to the rise of an Internet culture. History of the Internet On the 4th of October 1957, the USSR launchedShow MoreRelatedPros And Disadvantages Of The Internet1250 Words   |  5 PagesThe Internet is a beneficial tool that an immeasurable amount of people use. Some see it as source of entertainment. Others might see it as a way to get quick information or a good place to share ideas and opinions. As amazing as the internet is, could it really have a downfall or disadvantage? With always improving technology like the internet around, people find it hard to just sit down and look through a book or even flip through a magazine. The internet has so much to offer. To some it may seemRead MoreThe Internet Of The Digital Age1055 Words   |  5 Pagesin the world has some access to the internet, but in the same year that humans have landed a probe on a comet, the average internet speed is 3.5 Mbps worldwide. One would think that by this time loading icons would become a thing of the past, but in 2015 we still have slow internet speeds. In the dig ital age, everyone should have some access to the internet because the internet is a utility used by many to entertain, to educate and to communicate. The Internet is the global system of interconnectedRead MoreIpv4 vs Ipv6838 Words   |  4 PagesDavid Wells 11/27/13 Intro to Linux Networking Final Paper As some may already know every device that connects to the internet has a IP address. Most people don’t know where the IP address came from though. When the internet was created one would assume that IP address soon followed, however that is not the case. IP didn’t exist for a few years after the internet was unleashed on th the world. The original functions of IPv4 addresses were a part of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). AsRead MoreThe Internet : The Benefit Of The Internet1653 Words   |  7 Pageswhat if your internet searches were censored? What if countless amounts interactions and communications were unreachable from now on?Some people view the internet may be the root cause of the evil that is going on in the world. Therefore some people think these harsh events would not be reality if we just simply limited their online searches. Another reason people believe that the internet should be censored to limit some of the propaganda that people put out in the world. The amazing accomplishmentsRead MoreThe Technological Segment Of The General Environment930 Words   |  4 Pages21st century. 1 Technology has come a long way over the last 20 years; we have seen the rise of the internet as well as the rise of cell phones and many other types of amazing electronics and gadgets, many of which exist because of the internet. The internet/web has to be one of the best inventions of all time, it makes so many things easier and it just keeps getting better. Because of all the new amazing technology some old business models have been dramatically changed forever, most of these businessesRead MoreOnline Technology And Its Effect On Our Society880 Words   |  4 PagesWhen it comes to online you, can practically do anything. You can buy anything and everything that you could want or need, from clothes and books to household items and food, and even replacement parts for your car and around the house. All of those things can be delivered rig ht to your doorstep. Even though all of this online shopping is great, there are downfalls to being online and not just on the computer. Having smart phones is now the societal norm, with iphones or androids ubiquitous aroundRead MoreAmazing Things You Didn Isn T Know About Wordpress And Woocommerce932 Words   |  4 PagesOP78820 AMAZING THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT WORDPRESS AND WOOCOMMERCE Introduction When it comes to web design and development, site creators like to make use of platforms that can give them all the tools they require to create a functional website with ease. It is also very essential that the web development software is affordable. Web developers often go for platforms that offer the best prices on themes and other features for the website being created. Wordpress and Woo Commerce are among theRead MoreCatfish: Time and Nev805 Words   |  4 Pagesthan whom they really are.    Nev Schulman, a New York City photographer, is an example of people who believe in the Internet world and got shocked.   He has a Facebook account and has a couple hundred friendships.   One day he got a painting in the mail from an 8 years old, named Abby.   This was a painting of a picture that Nev took a few months back.   Nev has surprised by her amazing talent.   Then, they became friends on Facebook.   Nev talked a lot about her talent for painting.   But the question isRead MoreHcs 212 Health Care Essay814 Words   |  4 Pagesit. One thing that especially interests me is how much diseases and the treatment of them have changed. In the earlier centuries, epidemics like cholera and smallpox were sweeping across countries; now they are rarely heard of. Just over the course of about a hundred years, and most of the diseases that were killing thousands of people are now extinct. Another common killer back then could be something as simple as eating bad food. Th ey did not have means of safeguarding food, so things like beefRead MoreBenefits Of Iot Based Systems714 Words   |  3 PagesWhat are IoT-based systems? The Internet of Things is a complex, innovative system rooted in the idea of connectivity. Individual artifacts that transmit data and information amongst each other ensure a smooth and coherent experience based off their ability to communicate through internet connection, sharing the same network to create incomparable efficiency and convenience. The Internet of Things is constantly developing to work in new areas and scenarios, further securing its essentiality

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Palermo and Genoa Free Essays

This is an individual assignment to discuss culture characteristics and its effects to a cuisines environment. Thus, this assignment will show the understanding of the culture importance, and providing the methods for cross culture management. For the full-scale of culture application to business environment cognitive competencies, this assignment will discuss the culture characteristics, analyze the culture for international business operation, study the culture synthesis, and then give recommendations according to the applications of business environment in particular. We will write a custom essay sample on Palermo and Genoa or any similar topic only for you Order Now According the requirement of this assignment, I have chosen the country f Italy to complete the tasks of this assignment. 2. The Background of Italy Italy is a unified peninsula country in the south of Europe, and it looks like a boot in the world map. The neighbor countries of Italy are surrounded by Andorra, Monaco, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Greece. The total size of Italy is 116306 square miles. Italy has total 1120 cities; the largest cities are including Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Genoa. Giuseppe Amazing formed the Resorting being the foundation of Italy unity. Mr.. Count Camille Did Cavort, the leader of House of Savoy in Sardinia united Italy in 1852, and he obtained the lands of Lombardy, Roman, Tuscany, Pram, Sicily, and Naples. In 1861, Italians claimed Victor Emmanuel II as their king, who received Venetian in 1886. Finally, the papal of Rome announced Italy is a unified peninsula nation independently with one constitutional monarchy on 20th September 1870 (infeasible. Com, 2014). Italy is a republic country with its own constitution desiring for peace and harmony. Italians dislike fighting in the wars. Thus, Italy declared its neutrality in the World War l. Even through, Italy fight with Allies in 191 5 and gained some lands, but after the postwar, Italy returned the lands Allies. After the Fascist Party dictatorship of Mr.. Mussolini from 28th October 1922 to 28th April 1945, Italians plebiscite voted to have a republic nation in June 1946 successfully. Moreover, Italian returns the lands to Greece and France according to the peace treaty on 15th September 1947. Italy constitution was created in 1948 (inconsiderableness. Com, 2014). Italy strategy builds its economy successfully by being an integral member of NATO joining the European Economic Community. In Jan 1999, Italy currency was permitted by Treasury Secretary Carlo Scampi. Nowadays, the economics of Italy is diversified by many industries, and the well-developed industrial in the north are most held by private companies. Although Italy has experienced the global crisis in 2008, but Italy GAP of Italy increased from US$1737. 8 billion in 2004 to US$1982. 94 billion Jug 2014 (Satanist. Com, 2014). According to the source of the Italy history, the main religion of Italy is Roman Catholicism. The Roman Catholicism centre is in the Vatican City, and the pope also stays in it. Islam is the second religion in Italy sources from the immigrants of Muslim. Non-Catholic Christians is the third religion in Italy, but it is in a small group due to the only few Jews left after the War II (Kim, 2014). Actually, Italy has a long Roman history, because the Rome Empire controlled Italy with the Roman leadership for about 22 centuries, which covers the most of the Italy history and made Italy a Roman Catholicism country from its root. Therefore, Italy becomes the cultural center for the Western world during the period of 13th to 16th century. According to the religion characteristics of Roman Catholicism, family is the most liable social structure, because family can stabilize their family members by supporting each other with emotion and finance. In the religion of Roman Catholicism environment, you can see the Catholic churches in Italy are more than any other country. In this kind of religion country, you can see them in many lobbies and buildings, and you will find people’s names, and trade in particular patron saint. The church proclaims transparent hierarchy to Italy. Respect is provided to older people, successful businessman, and well-connected people (quintessential. O. UK, 2014). This part will give the recommendations for doing business in Italy according to its culture of history, geography, language, education, religion, social structure, political, and economic philosophy. 4. 1 Respect Different cultural customs Although, it is 96% of them are native Italians and speak Italian, but they may have diffe rent mother tongue or dialect and culture customs. Therefore, we have to respect each of them accordingly. To an international business, knowing the local culture is as knowing the needs of the local people. If you can provide the thing to hat area’s people, you will have business opportunity (La Verne, 2008). 4. 2 Well-managed Cross Culture Management There are cultural conflicts between cultures. Therefore, international businessmen need to understand the difference and culture conflicts between each of them. Hence, the cross culture management needs to be created and studied by businessman and his staffs. Because you will have contact with local staff and customers, developing a well-managed cross culture management will help the stabilization of the employees and increase your business market share Sweatshops, 2010). . 3 Follow the religion characteristics of Roman Catholic As we know that the Roman Catholic is one of the largest and biggest religion in Italy, and Italy is the culture centre of Europe. To follow the Roman Catholic characteristics is one of the best and fastest ways to fit into global international business to the local and the whole Europe (Mary, 2011). If you can put your business to fit into the Roman Catholic quickly, your business can be accepted by the Roman Catholics easily (Italy Mineral and Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide, 2014). How to cite Palermo and Genoa, Papers

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International Human Resources

Any country highly values human capital which is the most important input into the day-to-day operations. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that each and every employee is satisfied with the conditions of work so that the employee can deliver to the maximum.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on International Human Resources specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As a result, companies that have invested in better human resource management have advanced more besides getting the best output out of their employees. Human resource management is concerned with the general welfare of the employees as well as the relationship between employees and employers. However, they way human resource is handled differ from one country to another. While other countries prefer participatory kind of human resource, others have autocratic type of management. Even where the type of management is the same, some principles are different. Since France and Canada are in different continents, the way human resource management is handled in these two countries is different. The first factor that is compared when people are looking at international human resource management is job design and analysis. Job design refers to the description of roles and duties of each person in an organization (Jackson, 2002). On the other hand, job analysis refers to the acts of deciding the specific job requirements by keenly looking into existing conditions. This can be done in order to make decisions such as recruitment or the type of training that existing employee need to undergo to enhance output. In Canada, job designs are formulated using National occupation Classification (NOC) as a guideline. In this regard, the job design explains the title of the job, fully outlines the task to be accomplished as well as the description of the conditions under which one will work (Catano, 2009)). It is important to note that employer s are required to explain in detail any extra requirements. The job descriptions are used by human resource managers to determine when extra training or development is required. However, research is done to collect information about a given job and determine what exactly is required. Job design is then developed for each organization depending on the feedback collected from the survey.Advertising Looking for term paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is important to note that continuous survey is conducted to know when specific job requirements change for example due to technological improvement to evaluate the type of training required at that particular point in time. Working conditions are very crucial in France because the French are very sensitive on how they are treated (Lawler Hundley, 2008). Moreover, they hate too much explanation on job description which they interpret to be an insult on t heir intelligence. Consequently, human resource managers need to be very discreet when outlining the working conditions and take into consideration the culture of people. Arguably, one of the most important roles of human managers is to forecast on future human capital needs of the organization and take the necessary actions. Human resource planning should therefore entail forecasting the changes expected in the job market and how the organization should prepare for the same. It is important to note that human resource planning involves making changes in an organization. While in Canada a human resource manager can make that important decision of determining what needs to be done and initiate the process, in France employees need to be informed of what is happening and give suggestion (Jackson, 2002). The French do not like issues that are imposed on them and will therefore rebel if any idea is introduced without them being asked to participate in the decision making process. Howeve r, the French do not like the idea of setting personal goals and will therefore require management to outline what is expected. On the other hand, Canadians only need to be guided and they will set their own goals and work to fulfill them. Therefore, human resource planning in Canada unlike that of France requires the manager to only guide employees on what is expected. Continuous training and development is quite critical for any organization because it improves output. In Canada, each employee stands an equal chance of being selected and trained. If training on a particular issue is organized, all employees concerned are allowed to attend. However, it should be noted that this is a private initiative especially for private firms.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on International Human Resources specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As a result, a firm is free to choose when and how to organize for the training. Mo reover, it is upon a firm to determine how it will fund the training programs (Zanko, 2003). It should be noted that the government has implemented Acts that demand that any employee should not be discriminated when it comes to giving opportunities for training and development. On the other hand, the government of France has made it compulsory that firms should set aside a stipulated amount of money to be used for employee training and development. As a result, all firms conduct trainings at a given period. However, French firms have specific training programs and target groups. Employees who are considered as being highly potential are selected and trained. Firms have specific vacancies for this group of people and consider them easy to train (Lawler Hundley, 2008). This is aimed at reducing the costs of training. Moreover, unlike in Canada, psychological growth and development is not considered part of training and development. Human resource management in Canada is designed in a manner that ensures that each employee has the opportunity of being promoted. The criteria and policies of promotion are very open and clear to every employee. It is therefore based on merit and carrier qualification. As a result, carrier development is very competitive as each employee works hard to earn promotion. In this regard, carrier development is more of a personal initiative than it is an organizational affair. Continuous self-development is highly encouraged. Employees are given the motivation to learn on their own free will through self-managed learning programs (Sparrow, 2010). In France however, promotion policies are still seen as very secretive. Though job satisfaction is high, employees are not very confident that promotions are on merit. This is due to the fact that carrier development is very structural. Almost all firms have authoritative skill development programs which employees are supposed to adhere to. Employees are not empowered to work their way up the lad der. Though surveys are carried out to know individual carrier development requirements, the inflexible training programs do not allow every employee’s need to be catered for. Nevertheless, there is emphasis on corporate vision and core values (Lawler Hundley, 2008).Advertising Looking for term paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Regulation is an important aspect in the business world. Employee and employer relationships are guided by various policies (Punnett, 2012). The bodies that dictate these guidelines differ from country to country due to uniqueness in culture. Canada is a capitalistic country where forces of the market are left to determine demand and supply. Consequently, government intervention in many issues is minimal. The same is the case with the labor market. The government has only the basic regulations on how employers and employees carry out their business. Only the federal workers are under increased federal laws. However, private firms negotiate their terms of employment with labor unions. It is important to note that a significant number of employees belong to labor unions giving them high bargaining power. On the contrary, French government has in place several policies that regulate how employers treat their employees. Employees are protected by the governmental laws making many of the m reluctant of joining labor unions. As a result, France has a very minimal percentage of its work force being members of labor unions. This makes the unions a little bit weak compared to those of Canada (Edwards, 2007). Nevertheless, in both countries labor unions can call for strikes of their members and demand that employers address certain issues. It is important to note that there is no law in both countries that prohibits this type of industrial action. As far as recruitment and selection of new employees is concerned, the two countries have some common point. To begin with, both countries want to get the best employees and professional qualification is a basic necessity. Firms ensure that they have adequate advertisements to convince people that they are employers of choice. This is meant to ensure that employees applying for jobs whenever vacancies are announced will be the best in the society. Job description is also given priority during recruitment to ensure that employee s selected share values with the firm. Moreover, firms have departments dedicated to ensuring that recruitment and selection are done in line with regulations laid down by the firm (Belout, Dolan Saba, 2001). Nevertheless, there are some notable differences. While strict adherence to the company’s values is considered when recruiting employees in Canada, the French emphasize on professional qualifications. On the same note, age is very crucial in employee selection in France. Many people are employed a little late while the government and other firms want employee below 26 years of age to undergo probation for two years. On the contrary, age is not an issue provided one is over 18 years. In most instances, probation period in Canada is three months unless there are special conditions to dictate otherwise. Most firms in Canada have interviews conducted in various stages beginning with telephone interview to ensure that any possible conflict between the new employees and the o ld ones is avoided. Moreover, Canadian employers can use job boards to search for the best employees something that is not very common in France (Catano, 2009). Job orientation is highly valued in Canada because it helps in socializing new employees on the ways of operation of the firm. Without proper orientation probability of conflicts is high. Information flow in Canada is not as good as it is in France. Immediately an employee joins a firm in Canada, he or she is given a checklist that explains in details most of the issues that are necessary in the firm. Moreover, co-workers are encouraged to take new employees on firm operations and ensure they get into the system without much trouble. The orientation process is very detailed in Canada to ensure that new employees get to know each and every aspect of the company before they can start working. The process is divided into various sections which are carried out by different people who have enough knowledge in areas assigned to th em (Catano, 2009). Mostly, senior employees are given the duty of inducting new employees because besides having vast experience on the subject matter, new employees will feel comfortable dealing with fellow employees instead of managers. On the other hand, orientation is not very structured in France. Most of the information is passed by co-workers who are usually very willing to do it. Health of workers is given priority in both countries. Workplace safety is essential and maximum precautions taken in that line. All necessary information regarding the dangers involved in any job description is outlined to the employee. It is the aim of human resource management department in the two countries to ensure that employees are well aware of the risks that they face in their line of duty. Social issues being quite crucial in Canada, psychological growth and development is emphasized in Canada. Employees whose job duties have specific risks are given training on how to perform their dutie s and what to do in case of any accident or any other eventuality. Moreover, employees are trained to uphold dexterity whenever performing their duties. It is important to note that unlike in France where the law regulating workplace safety is uniform throughout the country, in Canada the laws differ from place to place. This is because different cities have the mandate of instituting laws in their area that regulate how various issues are carried out (Belout, Dolan Saba, 2001). Employees are given safety equipments where their job demands so. Safety training is carried out regularly to enhance skills of people to dealing with emergencies. New employees are guided through the safety procedures first through observation and then by being involved in the process. In both countries, employees are given health insurance to cover them while they are working for either private firms or the government. Over and above the benefits that are outlined in the employment contract, various emplo yers give their employees extra benefits. These benefits are meant to increase the morale of employees and to also help in employee retention (MacCourt Eldridge, 2003). In Canada, employees enjoy additional benefits which include extra health coverage than the one covered for in the initial contract. Conditions covered include dental and sight plans. Moreover, employees can enjoy employee assistance plans which help in enhancing social life of employees either at work or at home. Furthermore, firms provide extra retirement plans to cater for the employee when they reach retirement age. There are firms that give their employees transport services to and from workplaces. Furthermore, employees can get legal services from their firms though to a specific extent (Zanko, 2003). Additionally, many firms in Canada provide long term care insurance plans to their employees. All this is done to make employees feel valued so as to increase their output. On the same note, France also has vario us extra benefits for their employees. This includes augmenting the health and welfare programs that are preliminary inline with the government requirement. Additionally, there are firms which design employee packages in a manner that will legally reduce the amount of tax employees are supposed to pay. Since the French people need their voice to be heard, designing employee benefits to suit them is very crucial. As a result, some firms offer flexible benefits where employees are given the opportunity to choose the package that suits their needs (Lawler Hundley). There are also enhanced opportunities of employees accessing other financial services. Besides additional benefits that employees receive, it is important to have a reward system that is directly pegged on performance. This leads to strategic reward system that is very crucial in enhancing organizational output. These rewards need to also take into consideration the organization’s values to ensure that organization g rowth is achieved (MacCourt Eldridge, 2003). In France culture is important and any activity that is against the culture can meet a lot of opposition. Therefore, many human resource management departments have aligned their reward system with personal as well as team needs (Jackson, 2002). On the same note, the reward system has been differentiated according to different job requirements so that they can be effective across the board. Similarly, employees are involved in the designing stage to ensure that the package arrived at is acceptable to all employees. On the same note, Canada implements strategic rewards where employees are rewarded according to their performance. Firms come up with programs where each employee who increases his or her performance is rewarded in monetary terms or otherwise. Among the rewards that are common in Canada is extra money above the normal wages. Additionally, employees are taken to vacations either individually or as a family with expenses catered for by the firm (Belout, Dolan Saba, 2001). Another common system is subsidized shopping in specific outlets. The world has become so much integrated that it is practically impossible to operate without people from other countries. On the same note, there is increased awareness regarding gender equality in any workplace. In this regard, both countries have a lot of people from various countries working in various capacities. However, France has many of its foreigners from countries that were once its colonies. This is because most of the people from French colonies can easily assimilate into France culture and language is not a barrier. Nevertheless, there are people from various parts of the world though they find it rough initially especially because of language. Canada on the other hand has people from all over the world working in various sectors. Regarding gender balance, both countries have done well and this is not a problem (Ayacar Kanungo, 2008). Managing people requires understanding their behavior in various scenarios. In doing this, it becomes quite crucial to be fully aware of the cultural setting in which the firm is operating. France and Canada are located in different geographical places. Consequently, they have divergent cultures and their people have been socialized in different ways. Therefore, methods that can be used to manage people from these two backgrounds will definitely have to be different. However, it is important to note that due to the wave of globalization, some aspects of human resource management have to be harmonized across all countries. In this regard, there are several issues of human resource management that are similar in Canada and France. Nonetheless, human beings need motivation and favorable working conditions to perform. The better employees are managed, the higher the job satisfaction and consequently the higher the output. References Belout, A., Dolan, L. Saba, T. (2001). Trends and emerging practices in human resource management – The Canadian scene. International Journal of Manpower, 22(3), 207 – 215. Catano, V. M. (2009). Recruitment and Selection in Canada. Stanford: Cengage learning. Edwards, K. (2007). International Human Resource Management. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Educational. Jackson, T. (2002). International HRM: A Cross-Cultural Approach. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publishers. Lawler, J. J. Hundley, G. S. (2008). Global Diffusion of Human Resource Practices: Institutional and Cultural Limits. Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing. MacCourt, W. Eldridge, D. (2003). Global Human Resource Management: Managing People in Developing and Transnational Countries. Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing. Price, T. (2011). Human Resource Management. Stanford: Cengage Learning. Punnett, B. J. (2012). International Perspectives on Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management. Haverhill: M.E. Sharpe. Sengupta, N. (2007). International Human Resource Management. Manchester: Excel Books India. Sparrow, P. (2010). Handbook of International Human Resource Management: Integrating people, Process, and Context. Hoboken: John Wiley Sons. Zanko, M. (2003). The Handbook of Human Resource Management Policies and Practices In Asia-Pacific Economies. Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing. This term paper on International Human Resources was written and submitted by user Angelica Monroe to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here. International human resources

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Gun Control Synthsis Paper Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers

Gun Control Synthsis Paper Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers Gun Control Synthsis Paper When you mention gun control, many things come to mind. School shooting, the Brady Law, second amendment rights, and kids killing kids, these issues have prompted a controversy over guns and whether they are a menace to society. There are many types of guns and each contributes to crime differently. The smaller more easily concealed weapons, like handguns and sawed off shotguns are most likely to be used in crime. While the larger firearms, rifles, have a slightly lower reported incidence of crime. Crimes reported that involve an assault weapon such as the Uzi is virtually unheard of. Views on the subject of gun control range from one extreme, all guns are bad, to the other extreme that all existing laws should be revoked and every person should own a gun. In the discussion on gun control there are a few points that everyone argues about. Two of the most popular topics on gun control seem to be, do guns contribute to crime, and would tougher gun laws prevent gun fatalities? With all the different subjects discussed within the gun control controversy, the topic of how tougher laws would affect the death rate, associated with firearms, seems to be most common. Dennis Henigan believes that the laws need to be redirected toward better safety features on guns, to prevent some accidental shootings. Henigan also believes that the gun manufacturers should be liable for the lack of safety devices that could prevent accidental shootings. Morgan O. Reynolds and W.W. Caruth III believe, that the laws, proposed for the control of gun crime, would rase the price for purchasing a gun; but do little for preventing crime from being committed with them. According to Woody West, guns are responsible for the deaths of many people, some of which are innocent, but before we make new laws we should try enforcing the scores of laws already enacted, but not enforced. On the far end of the argument against controlling crime through banning guns sits David B. Kopel with his opini on that banning guns to reduce crime makes as much sense as banning alcohol to reduce drunk driving. Moving from one extreme to the other, the Associated Press released an article that sites the Brady Law with saving more than nine thousand lives, and urges more stringent regulation of firearms. Many others such as Reynolds, Caruth, Kopel, and West, disagree that the Brady law saves any lives, or is of much good. Reynolds, Caruth disagree with the argument that laws such as the Brady Law, named for the late Jim Brady, is the answer to the onslaught of these violent crimes. The Brady Bill would not have saved Jim Brady. As with other similar shootings, the predator still could have legally obtained the weapon he used, because he had no previous felony record. According to Woody West, to find a story of a shooting tragedy, you don't have to look very long to find television covering each as luridly as if it were the end of civilization as we know it. Dennis Henigan seems to express his own very strong opinion when he wrote, the gun industry has a choice: It can continue business as usual, but only if it pays its fair share of the costs, or it can take the necessary and feasible steps to reduce the misuse of its products. While Henigan takes a very firm stand on the subject of how guns contribute to crime, Kopel takes a more haphazard approach, saying that there could be a relationship between guns and crime, but more studies are needed. The Associated Press also has a strong opinion of guns in relation to crime. Statistics for the first five years of the Brady Law presents compelling evidence that the lives of more than 9,000 people were saved because guns were less available to criminals. Woody West seems to be the most confused and unsure of the impact of guns on our modern society, this is evident in his faint brush with the subject, in which he says that yes people are getting killed because someone has a gun, yes it is tragi c, but the shootings are not of epidemic proportions. Research

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Famous Quotes That Reveal the True Face of Politics

Famous Quotes That Reveal the True Face of Politics Here are 20 famous people who have made especially astute, witty, or informative  statements about politics. Some have been in a position of power, others have had a birds eye view of the drama that goes on within hallowed halls. Their opinions carry a wealth of wisdom. Dalton Camp Canadian politician Dalton Camp was a supporter of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, and was one of the foremost voices of Red Toryism. Camp made this comment to mean that politics often concentrates on unimportant things instead of paying attention to bigger issues.   Politics is made up largely of irrelevancies. Will Durant American philosopher and historian Will Durant was well known for The History of Civilization. His words basically sum up what governments actually do.   The political machine triumphs because it is united minority acting against a divided majority. Nikita Khrushchev Nikita Khrushchev was  a Russian politician, and served as the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He made this comment on 22 August 1963 to Chicago Tribune in the context of the construction of a bridge in Belgrade, to emphasize that a politicians word is completely redundant.   Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. Texas Guinan Texas Guinan was an American actress. Her clever use of irony express the shrewdness of a politician who can use anyone for the benefit of ones country. A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country. Napoleon Bonaparte One of the greatest military leaders of the world, Napoleon Bonaparte was a master strategist and a consummate politician. Bonapartes words carry a wealth of wisdom when he says that irrationality is a welcome quality in politics.     Ã‚     In politics, an absurdity is not a handicap. Saul Bellow Saul Bellow was a Canadian-born American writer, who won the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes. His words belie a sense of disdain for politicians who seem like amateurs. Take our politicians: theyre a bunch of yo-yos. The presidency is now a cross between a popularity contest and a high school debate, with an encyclopedia of clichà ©s the first prize. Francis Bacon Francis Bacon was an English philosopher and his quote here means that politicians find it tough to remain absolutely true to their calling, just like it is difficult to be completely moral. It is as hard and severe a thing to be a true politician as to be truly moral. Albert Einstein Famous scientist Albert Einstein urges citizens to be involved in politics. But he also concedes that politics is more complex than science.   Politics is more difficult than physics. Mao Tse-Tung Mao Tse-Tung was the founder of the People’s Republic of China. He explains that politics and war are almost the same except that in the former there isnt actual bloodshed involved.   Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed. Otto Von Bismarck These words by conservative Prussian Otto Von Bismarck mean that politics can make anything happen.   Politics is the art of the possible. Henry David Thoreau American writer Henry David Thoreau opines that no country can be completely free and unshackled, unless it accepts that the individual is supreme.   There will never be a really free and enlightened State until the State comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power. William Shakespeare English playwright William Shakespeare tells us that a politician would always try to avoid God, as the politician is not truthful. A politician†¦ one that would circumvent God. Tom Wolfe American author and journalist Tom Wolfe expresses that there are no true liberals in this world.   A liberal is a conservative who has been arrested. Marianne Thieme Dutch politician Marianne Thieme says that politicians have given more importance to money rather than to nature. She said this to the International Press Association members during a speech in The Hague. Politicians and corporations have always placed economic interests above moral interests. This is now hurting the entire planet. Aristotle Greek philosopher, and the father of politics, Aristotle reveals the sad truth about politicians who have no free time as they are always aiming for something.   Politicians also have no leisure, because they are always aiming at something beyond political life itself, power and glory, or happiness. Charles de Gaulle French President Charles de Gaulle talked about how politicians pretend to serve the people, but their ulterior motive is to always rule them. In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant. John Fitzgerald Kennedy US President JFK reveals the irony of life. His own illustrious career, as a politician and a president, is testimonial to this. Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president but they dont want them to become politicians in the process. Abraham Lincoln American President Abraham Lincoln was a man of democratic views. He believed in the power of the people, in the truest sense. This quote was made during his speech at the first Republican State Convention of Illinois on May 29, 1856. The ballot is stronger than the bullet. H. L. Mencken Liberal thinker American journalist H. L. Mencken reveals the dirt beneath the rock. He expresses that politics is mostly about parties trying to bring each other down.   Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule and both commonly succeed, and are right. Eugene McCarthy   American Senator Eugene McCarthy says it with a straight face. He does not mince words. Through this quote he reveals that politics takes a lot of shrewdness to understand, not to mention bravado to think that it is important enough to be involved in.   Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think its important.

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Electronic Customer Relationship Management Essay

Electronic Customer Relationship Management - Essay Example For businesses that have online presence, e-CRM systems provide the necessary relationship management with customers. This is a critical area because there is minimal human intervention from the company's employees when a customer logs on to the website. Hence, the impression and/ or the services that the customer gets exposed to from the website might be a decisive factor towards his/ her decision to continue business with that particular company. This paper presents an analysis of a business entity in form of an audit of its efforts to promote and use e-CRM systems. E-CRM theory is discussed and recommendations are provided to the business to improve the state of affairs. The target company for this audit is HSBC Bank Australia Limited. HSBC is a commercial bank based in London but has a huge network of branches around the globe. It is listed on the London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Bermuda stock exchanges and operates in a truly global fashion (HSBC, 2007). In Australia, HSBC has 35 branches and offices and provides a wide range of personal and commercial financial services in addition to other services like trade finance, investment advisory, treasury and other traditional banking operations. As a customer browsing a financial institution's websites, the ideal e-experience should not be distinguishable from the experience the user would have when he or she visits the bank physically. In a nut shell, this means that the contents of the web site should be such that no human intervention is required by the user to locate the desired information. One of the biggest advantage and disadvantage of a business website is the quantity of information that is provided on it for users (Feinberg and Kadam, 2002, p.435). This is because of the fact that the customer may not be able to identify and access the required information from a big pool of data provided on the website. Though, every piece of information might be there, yet it may take hours to find the one that is required. Hence, the website must be divided into areas with relevant information being clubbed into each area for clarity and ease of use. In addition, it should have a search facility to locate the desired information without having to navigate through the entire website for it. There are many ways that business may use to contact potential e-customers. In addition to the traditional telephone and cellular phone numbers, the business website should be able to store customers' email address, his or her website URL (if available) and other details. The electronic Customer Relationship Management e-CRM system must be equipped with appropriate records about users and customers and should use alternate channels to contact the customer. Similarly, alternate channels should be provided to the customers to contact the business. These might include email address, telephone, fax number, live chat and others. Ideally though, email addresses are easiest to use if there is no live chat feature available on the website. In addition, ideally the business website should remember the customer. This can be done by saving cookies on customers' computers that can be used during customers' next visit to the website, to track the information that they viewed during their last visit. The relationship with business